Wireless Carplay & Android Auto Retrofit for Mercedes 2009+ NTG 4.5/NTG 4.7/ NTG 5

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$499.00 AUD
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Wireless Carplay & Android Auto Retrofit for Mercedes 2009+ NTG 4.5/NTG 4.7/ NTG 5

Wireless Carplay & Android Auto Retrofit for Mercedes 2009+ NTG 4.5/NTG 4.7/ NTG 5

$459.00 $499.00

Wireless Carplay & Android Auto Retrofit for Mercedes 2009+ NTG 4.5/NTG 4.7/ NTG 5

$459.00 $499.00
*IMPORTANT* Choose Your Model (See compatibility tab for details): NTG 4.5 or 4.7

Customer Reviews

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Missing code

Does anyone have the NGT5.0? What is the code for the devices?

Tim Farnsworth
Great Product

Great product. I installed it into a Mercedes GLC 250 2018 model with NTG 5.
The instructions were straight forward. As promised, all factory settings and controls remained intact.
CarPlay features work really well.
Thankyou for a great product.

Razi Hussain
Wrong item given

No returns form sent.

Geoffrey Lane
Geoff Lane

Only gave 3 stars because the delivery was sent to the wrong address, not only that but all the phone numbers I tried on the website of the delivery company were all could not be connected. The product works fine and does what was advertised, but I had to do some modifications inside the console for it to fit, the video you supplied gave no help at all on where to fit. The cables weren't long enough to fit under carpet on side of console.

Ian Downe
Mercedes X class ntg5

Brilliant product.Great installation instructions and fast delivery.Highly recommend.

Packed with Features

Wireless Connectivity

RetrofitPRO is primarily designed to offer a flawless Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto Experience

Netflix & Movies on the go

RetrofitPRO allows HDMI Input to connect your Apple TV, ChromeCast, Fire TV and more

Camera Expandability

RetrofitPRO will work with your existing cameras if you have them, if not it provides additional video ports to connect front & rear view cameras and display them in your vehicle.
Driving is much easier with CarPlay & Android Auto, allowing direct access to your phones apps through your vehicle. You can navigate your journeys using popular apps like Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, and Tom Tom, among others. Drive with confidence with real-time updates, such as speed camera and hazard alerts shared on Waze.

Say Goodbye to Cables

Completely Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto

Connecting your phone to our retrofit is effortless, all it takes is one first time setup to pair your phone with the system and after that CarPlay/Android Auto will automatically connect once you are inside your car.No need to take your phone out from your pocket or purse, just hop in the car and your ready to go!If you prefer connecting via cable, the device supports USB connection.

Easiy Navigated by your existing controls

The integration with your original car display and controls is seamless, and your factory buttons allow you to navigate and interact with CarPlay/Android Auto effortlessly. What's more, all your original BMW menus remain accessible, allowing you to refer back to the factory system for tasks such as servicing information and settings. No features are lost, and you can continue to use your favorite functionalities with ease.

Voice Commands via Siri or Google Voice

The primary goal of CarPlay/Android Auto software is to provide a safer experience on the road, and to provide direct access to your phone through the infotainment system of the car to minimize distraction whilst driving.The retrofit integrates with your cars microphone, enabling you to provide voice commands to Siri or Google voice, no need to touch your phone.For example you can just ask Siri "Take me to the nearest McDonalds" and the navigation will begin on your cars display.

HDMI Enabled

You can connect a Amazon Fire TV, ChromeCast, or Roku and watch episodes of your favorite TV series when parked in your car, transform your car into a portable cinema. You can even utilize the HDMI port of theRetrofitPRO to connect your Nintendo Switch.

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